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muffinwoman's Journal

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10 June
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"Doctors assured the public that psychotropic drugs don't get a patient high; rather, supposedly, they return the patient to a normal state of functioning. But what happens if such a patient, say, myself, for instance, has rarely if ever experienced a normal state of functioning? What happens if such a patient has spent much of her life in mental hospitals, both pursuing and pursued by one illness after another? What happens if "regular life" to such a person has always meant cutting one's arms, or gagging? If this is the case, then the "normal state" that Prozac ushers in is an experience in the surreal, Dali's dripping clock, a disorientation so deep and sweet you spin. thus Prozac, make no mistake about it, blissed me out and freaked me out and later on, when the full force of health hit me, sometimes stunned me with grief."
~Prozac Diaries
agoraphobia, american history x, anorexia, anthony hopkins, art, beck, ben folds, beta band, black, black books, blue, blue hair, brit pop, brit rock, british comedies, cat stevens, catcher in the rye, chipped black nail polish, chris cornell, coldplay, cutting, dave grohl, dave matthews, depressing books, depression, dickies, driving, ed harcourt, edward norton, empire records, falsetto, fif, fight club, following, foo fighters, frank zappa, george w. bush, giving advice, grandaddy, harold and maude, high fidelity, hitchcock, homemade t-shirts, indie, indie boys, indie films, indie music, insomnia, ireland, j.d. salinger, james dean, jonny greenwood, led zepplin, life as a house, listing things i like, loud music, lynyrd skynyrd, marcy playground, massive attack, matthew bellamy, meeting people is easy, megalomania, mogwai, monty python, movies, muse, music, my so-called life, nick drake, obsessing, old cars, origin of symmetry, ours, painting, paul walker, pedro the lion, pi, pink floyd, pixies, plaid pants, psychology, radiohead, rain, red house painters, remy zero, rucksacks, run lola run, sad films, sandra bullock, sarcasm, self injury, self-hatred, simplicity, skinny white boys, slc punk, snatch, spinal tap, starvation, suicide, sunny day real estate, sunshine daydream, sylvia plath, talking, the beatles, the bell jar, the charlatans, the eels, the guess who, the loop, the osbournes, the point, the ramones, the strokes, the verve, the young ones, thom yorke, thrift stores, thunder storms, tim burton, tom petty, trainspotting, travis, turin brakes, turning heads, vintage clothes, w.a.s.t.e., walace and grommit, wallowing in self-pity, watches, weird clothes, weird people, windows, yo la tengo

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